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  Thursday, April 16, 2009

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  Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Diary,

She-lollii is totally embarrassed.

~♥ and this is my Me-almost-fainting embarrassing STORY.

My story that I'm going to relate now happened in my school. It was this morning that we conducted our Flag Ceremony and my teacher assigned me to sing the National Anthem ("Lupang Hinirang"), I declined at first but did it afterwards. I really don't feel good back then so I prayed to God and asked him to give me a good performance. I can feel my hands and feet shaking and I wished that my voice wouldn't tremble. As I started to sing, they keep on turning their heads to take a glance at me, it's because they're facing backwards that's why they can't see me (har?). In the middle of the song, my voice trembled and I was out of tune! I giggled a bit and my voice was heard all over that damn place!So then, I continued to sing and when it ends, they clapped their hands, which is NOT appropriate! I told myself not to cry and not to fear for God is here. After the ceremony, the principal took the microphone and scolded all of us for not participating on the Flag Ceremony for some are chatting and not singing the National Anthem so she decided to do it AGAIN! My face was like Oh-My-GOSH with popping eyes when I heard her utter the word "AGAIN". I really felt like crying that time but Harley, a friend and a classmate of mine told me not to worry for she's going to sing with me, so I did what she told me, I didn't worry. Prayer then followed by the singing of the National Anthem and Panatang Makabayan to our exercise, although I wanted to faint, all did go well at the end. But it can't pay the embarrassment I got earlier! Until now, I can't stop thinking about those scenes. Well, some appreciated my voice because I sing like I'm in Manny Pacquiao's fight and I was like "Yeah that OUT OF TUNE VOICE of mine was nice" while some of the boys appreciated it with a straight-to-the-heart teases.I really felt like dying in embarrassment that time. Good thing I didn't became the laughing stock of the whole school. Man I would never go to school if I did became one! I apologized to my adviser of my behavior and she advised me not to behave that way while performing our Nation's song. So then I, sort of, promised to myself not to sing the Pambansang Awit in school.


A Day With my Papa~♥
  Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dear diary,

She-lollii is fine, to tell you the truth, she's very glad! For she saw her father after three months of him being away from her. She, sort of, despise him because he's not responsible at times but every time she-lollii see's him, she would forget about those hatred and agony she feels towards him. She now understands why he wouldn't have some time to stop by her house and visit her, it's because he's in a far-off place. Her father is taking care of her ill grandma, she-lollii wishes her to be fine though. All right! I'll tell you what happened to she-lollii today..

She-lollii was awakened by her Mamang yelling that her father was outside. She was a little bit hesitant to face him at first, but was overpowered by excitement and joy so she did. Her father gave her two plastics full of foods from one of her favorite fast food chains in her place (Jollibee!). Her face brightened up a little seeing "it" and "him". So then, they chit-chat about the latest happenings in their lives and when it's time for him to leave, she bid him good-bye and gave him the sweetest hugs and kisses she'd ever given to anyone. She was glad he came, no one could ever measure her happiness, even the longest thermometer can't! All right, so then, she went back inside her little goody house and ate the foods her father brought, she did share something to her mom.

She-lollii had really a lot of fun today, for she didn't expect her father would drop by some foods plus she saw her after a long time! She-lollii just wished for a donut but see what God had given her?..(A two plastic-full Jollibee!) Yosh! (All right!) I'll start studying now for my exams tomorrow.


"I am a wanderer, locked in a world where happy-never-afters failed to exist." -Lollii-Pii

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